Welcome to our ATB family.


Above the Barre was founded in 2018 as Salem, New Hampshire’s first boutique dance and fitness studio. We are passionate about two forms of exercise: barre fitness and dance. We pride ourselves on specializing in barre fitness - remaining true to the origins of barre through the usage of ballet, pilates, and yoga positions while putting our own spin on each and every workout. Our workout program is scheduled around our clients - from class type to class time, we are always looking to make your workout more convenient and effective for you.

Our dance program currently provides classes for children 2.5-10 and 18+. We emphasize proper technique and form in our dance classes, while making sure our students have fun and develop the same passion for dance that we have! We love to include families at ATB, which is why many of our children’s dance classes are paired on the schedule with our fitness classes, to allow parents to jump in a class. Not looking for fitness classes? Feel free to watch your child’s dance class from our waiting area. We want you to feel as at home in our studio as possible.