Frequently Asked Questions


Fitness Program

What is a barre class like?

Barre is a low-impact workout that uses light weights, resistance bands, and repetition to achieve a slender, toned physique. Our 55 minute classes will always encompass a full body workout where we make sure we work every major muscle in your body.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. In order to accommodate customers who may be waiting to join a class, we request that you cancel at least 12 hours before the class time. Cancellations made less than 12 hours before the class will result in a loss of that class credit or a $10 fee for our unlimited memberships.

Do I need to wear anything special or bring anything?

We recommend wearing leggings and a tank or t-shirt, but please wear whatever is comfortable for you to work out in! Some clients prefer to use sticky socks and some prefer to go barefoot - either way is fine with us! We have all the equipment you need at the studio, so no need to bring anything! We do ask that for our cardio classes, you wear clean indoor sneakers.

Can I do these classes if I have an injury or if I am pregnant?

Barre is actually one of the best forms of exercise for those who have injuries or are expecting. We have a number of modifications we can show you to customize each class to your specific needs. Until we know the nature of your injury or limitations, we recommend sticking with our barre classes and consulting with us before trying a cardio class.

Dance Program

What should my child wear to dance class?

Female students should wear tights, a leotard, and a ballet skirt (optional) to every dance class. Male students should wear jazz pants and a t-shirt (not too loose) so that they can move freely. Hip Hop students should wear leggings or joggers with a comfortable shirt to move freely. All shoulder-length hair should be worn tied back and out of their face. We will let you know the required dance shoes when you sign up for classes.

Can I make up a class if my child is sick?

To accommodate an illness or a vacation, we allow students to make up any missed classes at another class time of a similar level. For example, a student that misses their own dance class on a Wednesday will be allow to make up that absence on a Saturday during a similar class.

Do you have a dance recital?

We are so excited to announce that we are holding our very first dance recital this year. We know this is many of our dancers (and parents) first experience with a dance recital, so we are looking forward to holding a recital that focuses on the success and hard work of our dancers, while keeping costumes affordable and keeping the pressure low!

Can I take a fitness class during my child’s dance class?

Absolutely! We have designed our schedule so that parents can jump into a fitness class during their child’s dance class. If your little one has to use the restroom or needs you, we will grab you from the fitness class to let you know. Our dance parents also get an extra 10% off of our fitness class prices!