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Barre Classic


Our traditional barre class provides participants with a strong foundation of barre combined with an intense full body workout! This classically structured barre class begins with arm work in the center of the room, leg work at the barre and mat, and finishes off with a glutes series and core work. Great class for beginners as an introduction to barre or for advanced barre students to refine their technique and form.


Barre Free


In this less-structured class setting, you will never know which muscles your instructor will be targeting next.  A truly freestyle class - many of the exercise will incorporate more than one muscle group to multitask your body and make the most of your 55 minutes. This class moves at a slightly faster pace than our Barre Classic while still focusing on technique and form for optimal results.


Barre Stretch


Looking to get a little more in tune with your body and find a deeper stretch while also toning your muscles? This class gives you the best of both worlds! Join our Barre & Stretch class where you will work your full body and spend more time stretching - moving through yoga poses as well as stretches designed specifically for this class.

Cardio Barre


Enjoy the benefits of a low impact workout while adding cardio into your routine! Our version of Cardio Barre adds moves to get your heart rate pumping while utilizing the same low impact barre series that you already love! There is no need for sneakers in this class - barefoot or sticky socks are perfect!


Boxing at the Barre


Our Boxing at the Barre class is a kickboxing-style workout that incorporates some of the low impact, small movement exercises you love about barre! This workout will get your heart pumping with fast-paced kickboxing combinations, and then we will bring that heart rate down with some focused muscle work using barre exercises. Clean indoor sneakers required for this class - lots of water and a towel are highly recommended!


Cardio Dance


Join us for 45 minutes of super fun and motivating dance moves. This class is similar to Zumba, put think less Latin music, more contemporary pop songs! In this class, your instructor will provide you with easy to follow and energetic dance moves to the best songs - so fun that you won’t even realize you’re getting a workout in! Bring clean indoor sneakers and get ready to dance - no dance experience required!


Arms, Abs, & Glutes XP


Don't have an hour to spare? Try our express class and get a full workout in just 35 minutes! Our Glutes, Arms, and Abs Express will hit those target muscles with effective and quick exercises.